Evergreen State College

(Courses at Evergreen are called “Programs”, interdisciplinary learning communities where students learn about a topic from a number of disciplinary perspectives.  Click below to read descriptions of programs I have helped design.)

Upcoming Courses:

Islamic Modernity in Global Perspective (Spring, 2020)

Currently Teaching:

Almighty God(s): Religion and Power in the Near and Middle East (Fall, 2019, Winter, 2020)

Previously Taught:

Languages of Unsaying: Islam, Secularism, and American Poetry (Spring, 2019)

God(s): An Inquiry (Winter, 2019)

Africa is Not a Country (Fall, 2018)

Islamic Modernity in Global Perspective (Spring, 2018)

Gods:  An Inquiry (Winter, 2018)

The Meaning of Life Through Science and Spirituality (Fall, 2017, Winter, 2018)

Transnational Feminisms  (Spring, 2017)

Movements and Migrations:  Sustainability and Change in Religious Culture (Fall, 2016, Winter 2017)

A New Middle East?  Diagnosis, Diagrams and Power (Fall, 2015) (Winter, Spring 2016)

New Vision:  Religion, Art, and Literature of the Middle East  (Spring 2015)

Landscapes of Faith and Power in the Eastern Mediterranean (Fall 2014, Winter 2015)


Harvard University


  • Religion and Existentialism (Professor Tamsin Jones), Department of Religion, Harvard University (Spring)
  • Science and Sexuality in the Medieval Islamic World (Professor AhmedRagab), Department of History of Science, Harvard University (Spring)
  • Introduction to World Religions (Professor Christopher Queen), Departmentof Religion, Harvard University Extension School (Spring)


  • Has The Racial Order Been Transformed Since the Election of BarackObama? (Professor Jennifer Hoschchild), Program in General Education,Harvard University (Fall)
  • Religion and Social Change in Black America (Professor Marla Frederick),Program in General Education, Harvard University


  • Diversity, Diaspora and Dialogue (Professor Diana Eck), Department of Religion, Harvard (Fall)


  • Modern Arabic Narratives: Self, Society and Culture (Professor William Granara), Core Curriculum, Harvard University (Fall)
  • Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa (Professor Jacob Olupona), Department of African and African American Studies, Harvard University (2008)


  • Introduction to World Religions (Professors Diana Eck and Christopher Queen), Department of Religion, Harvard University
  • Issues in Feminism and Islam (Professor Leila Ahmed), Harvard Divinity School

Thesis advisor for


Child Witchcraft in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. by Danielle Gram (Winner of the Thomas T. Hoopes Prize, Harvard College) – Senior Thesis


Islam and State Formation in Ghana. by Hamida Owuso